How can I grow grass in my heavily treed yard?

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I am asked this question a lot
Sodding comes to most people’s mind. However.

Most sodding that you can buy is made from Kentucky Bluegrass and it is the type of sod that will look great for the first year. Eventually will die in your beautifully treed environment.
An environment that had lots of trees and tree roots, and does not allow the Kentucky Bluegrass to get the sun light which it requires.

The only seed that will survive and flourish in your backyard is probably any grass that is currently existing in the area now and that is the Fescue Grass known as Shade Grass or Echo Grass.

Best thing you can do is overseed and apply the proper seed in the Fall (mid Sept) and Spring (last week April) every year.
When you seed it in the fall and spring there is usually enough moisture to let things germinate by themselves.

Grass appears in a few weeks like magic.

Grass seed needs to be kept moist to germinate but during the fall the dew is more than enough water. Soil is damp from approx 9:00 pm till 11:00 am the next morning.
Soil is still warm and days are warm. Perfect time to grow grass seed.

As well, the lawn needs to be properly watered. In many cases watering twice a week for 20 – 30 minutes in the hot summer months. The tree roots are taking nutrients and moisture from the grass as well.

Grass should be cut long to flourish – Longer roots, longer grass blades.
Also you should fertilize 3 times a year, as I mentioned the trees are absorbing much of the nutrients the grass needs.

If you have pets, their urine also has a negative impact on growing healthy grass. I love my dog Maggie, I overseed as well.

So I recommend you put down some seed and fertilize. There is one place that sell fescue sod but they only sell it by the skid and a skid has 780 square feet grass.

So overseed with Fescue, fertilize, water and cut at 3 inches.

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