Insurance Issues Covering Deck and Ramp Construction

Homeowners are largely unaware about the scope of the insurance policies that cover their homes,

Where in most peoples policy is it covered
Your “dwelling” coverage applies to your home and “attached structures” such as a garage, carport, or attached deck.
Permanently installed outdoor property such as sheds and fences as well as a deck that is not attached to the property.

Permanently installed outdoor equipment on the premises such as Swimming pools, hot tubs. Which may in some cases not be included so it a deck was going to be surrounding any of these structures it would have to be determined if the deck was insured.

Some policies include a blanket amount which is a policy coverage for any and all detached private structures as well as attached structures.
This blanket coverage gives policy holders the flexibility to allocate policy coverage limit whatever is best for their needs.

Workers insured on your property. Most reputable contracting companies will have company insurance to cover liability issues that may arise , they also have coverage for their workers thru the WSIB, the owner will be covered under another type of insurance policy call:…


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