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Image of Brian Lacouvee, owner of mineola landscaping

Hello, my name is Brian Lacouvee and I have offered the following services since 2006: constructing retaining walls, spring and fall yard cleaning, hedge and shrub trimming, deck repair, fence repair, as well as professional gardening services.

Services We Offer


During that time I have had the opportunity to learn what our customers were expecting from our landscaping/carpentry company, and we have been very fortunate to have succeeded at making them happy and their properties looking nice. We combine landscaping and carpentry together so that they are constructed in sync with each other.


Serving Southern Mississauga

We have been happy and successful serving customers in Mississauga South which include the communities of Mineola, Lakeview, Port Credit, Clarkson, Applewood, Cooksville, Dixie as well as Lorne Park.


I have written a few select Lawn Care Blogs and have also tried to answer a few common questions on our FAQ page that I hope may be of interest to homeowners.

Having been in both sales and service related businesses all my life I have learned that if you treat people with the same service and respect you would want to be treated with, then everything usually turns out well.


We are small, we care, and we want you telling your friends and neighbors how happy you are with us. Have confidence as well knowing that both our lawn service and hedge trimming company as well as our workers are fully insured to work on your property.


It has been wonderful to have a such a wide geographic audience of readers and visitors to our website, however, my company service area will remain South/East Mississauga.


Our Commitment

Your family will be happy with our dependable quality service and your healthy lawn. If at any time we do not meet your expectations call us, and we will try to make it right!


Unfortunately at this time we are strictly limiting our travel and service to customers south of Dundas Street in Mississauga. It has been my experience that it is much better to have any contractor living 10 minutes away rather than 35 minutes away. I find driving back to someone’s home for a 5 minute fix is a lot easier if I live close by. This is why our customers like the great after service Mineola Landscaping provides


If you are thinking of contacting us, rest assured we do not force our services on anyone. We have always had enough customers that are happy with us requesting us to return, to not bother chasing down those that do not want our service. Since 2006 we have never needed to take anyone to task for not paying, because everyone’s happy, everyone pays, so never a problem.


Our phone number is not listed here but is always made available to our new selected customers. Unfortunately being a small operation I do not have time to be taking calls from any new inquiries during the day while I am working. I always respond to my e-mails in the evening.


Hedge, Tree and Shrub Trimming

We would be happy to look over your hedge, shrubs or trees to give you an estimate of the cost to trim them. We can also advise how we could improve their look or cut them back to something more manageable.


Lawn sodding

If you have had trouble keeping your previous lawn looking good, tearing it up and putting in a new lawn will not change the possibility that this new lawn will fall onto the same problems. Most lawns die when they are not watered properly and then the weeds move in. The key is to water your lawn properly and all will be good.


Lawn Fertilizers

Mineola Landscaping uses lawn fertilizers from top Canadian companies, and we take the time to apply them to your lawn properly. The fertilizers we use are safe for your family and the environment! Any lawn care products that may have been deemed harmful have been removed from the Ontario residential market.

I take great pride in caring for our customer’s properties and look forward to the care of your lawn.


Organic solutions

There are organic solutions but nothing works as well as good old fashioned cancer causing, toxic carcinogens. Sorry we do not use any.


Don’t you hate the fact that we live in a country that cares about everyone’s health.


Call Mineola Landscaping for a Job You Will be Happy With

Looking for a change and an opportunity to improve the look and care of your lawn? Have a list of gardening tasks to do? Require a lawn repair or fresh sodding? Would like proper fertilizing? Maybe spruce up the lawn with an overseeding, aeration or dethatching? Then why not give us a try. We are a small Mississauga landscaping and carpentry company, and the boss (me) is always on the job at your house.


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