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Providing Professional, Meticulous, Experienced and Creative Landscape Staging and Gardening Services to Mississauga South:

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Landscape staging services we provide

Distributing hemlock mulch, repairing driveway stonework & gardening with Hostas are some of the services we provide to get your house ready to sell.


Our Professional Gardening Services

Beech leaves, last leaves to fall on front lawn.

Beech leaves last leaves to fall

We pride ourselves with offering meticulous, experienced gardening services. Taking on each new Landscape Staging project with enthusiasm and pride.

Offering Landscape Staging Service to those that may need us for a yard cleanup with lawn mowing, garden edging, applying mulch to garden, or even establishing a new garden.
Our yard cleaning may involve us taking lots of stuff to the dump for you as well, and digging out a few old trees.
We can manage most any outdoor job. Over the years our customers have come to trust us to do lots of different tasks for them. So give us a try and grow to trust our work as all our long time customers do.

Experienced shrub and hedge trimming enhance our Landscape Staging Service and keeps us busy through to the beginning of September.

We end the season with a cleanup which includes cutting down hostas and perennials along with leaf removal to the roadway or to the city dump.


Our Customer Reviews

Most of our customers have been using our gardening services from the beginning in 2006 and many of those customers would vouch for us if you wish references, We now provide Landscape Staging Service as the need for such became evident.
Please see our reviews on Google+, Yellow Pages, Facebook, Better Business Bureau and our Website ‘Review Page’ as well as other Local Business Directories.
Our work takes us all around the neighbourhoods of Mississauga south such as Lorne Park, Mineola, Port Credit, Applewood, Lakeview and Clarkson. So we may have done work on your street for a neighbor or someone you know living around the corner.


Our Commitment to Detail

What we can get professionally and meticulously done in a few hours may take some homeowners a whole weekend of gardening. We will actually clean up the mess, clippings and bag everything. We have a track record of completing good gardening service work with Landscape Staging and establishing longtime satisfied customers.

Fear not, we will have everything looking good.

We treat your yard as we would cleanup our own yards with care and detail and a ‘get it done right’ attitude. I market my gardening services as a premium service so we aim for top quality and 110% customer satisfaction.

Invoices are supplied after we have completed your Landscape Staging Services work and you pay only when you are satisfied. We accept cheques of course, or e-mail bank transfer.


Landscape Staging to Help Sell Your House



Let us help create a great first impression of the outside of your house. It is the first thing they see when they pull up to your house!

Real Estate sign showing sod after our landscape staging

Consider Landscape Staging before puting your house on the market and use my previous 9 years of full time Real Estate and 13 years of professional landscaping to work for you.

If you are thinking of selling your house call us for a landscape staging proposal. Covering your dead brown lawn with hay should not be an option.
(as I have seen on too many home improvement, flip or flop shows) Take advantage of my 9 years in full time real estate (past life with Re-Max) with my understanding of the selling and buyer’s quirks coupled with my many years in landscaping since 2006.

Cleaning up the yard and fixing up a few things around the outside of the house is just as important as staging the inside of the house. It is the first thing they see. I do not think that covering the lawn with old hay works. You may not have to rip everything in your yard out. We may be able to trim and tweak and have all looking nice.

I bring to the table for the Landscape Staging Service – 9 years as a full time Real Estate Agent, 12 years customer service and starting in 2006 as an Analytical Landscaper.

    • We can trim or remove an old hedge
    • Pull out old ugly perennials, weed and mulch the garden to make it look great.
    • Add an edging to the lawn around the garden. Every little bit counts.
    • Mow a lawn down short (yes, short) to make all look healthy
    • Add a few rolls of sod to repair a lawn in an area
    • Plant a few walking stones to help disguise a dead lawn.
    • Trim shrubs from looking too large and out of control to something pleasant to look at from the curb. (Yes, it will look nice).
    • Pull weeds from lawn and garden to make all look healthy.
    • Clean up every nook and cranny to impress any discriminating buyer.
    • We can repair a fence and the gate that is possibly having trouble closing.

    Just moved into a new house and need some help?

    Just moved into a new house with a yard that has not been tended to for a number of years. Don’t worry, give the gardening job and the worry to us! With our great ‘get it done right’ attitude, we will make the yard look great. We will help clean things up for you.
    Let our experienced Landscape Staging Service get that overgrown back yard in shape for you. We can remove any out of control plants. Our Landscape Staging Service include a very nice job of trimming overgrown shrubs – without killing them.
    Remove an overgrown hedge to give you back your yard. Some hedges left to their own without annual trimming can become 20 feet wide or more.


    Creating a New Garden

    Creating a new garden can be a nice addition to your yard. This garden becomes a culmination of all our gardening services to create an area of your lawn you will enjoy for many years.
    You should consider areas that have the most sunlight and convenience.

    Garden Edging Service

    Edging, either cleaning one up or creating a new one is sure to give your garden a fresh look. There are two ways of making the edge, one is to cut down straight the other is on an angle.

    When making a Garden Edging I prefer the angle as it is easier to cut the lawn and not fall into the trench. We can do whatever you wish, everyone has a preference. We try not to take any more lawn away as we cut into the ground, just keep the existing line and remove any new growth to keep it strait. This can help the whole area look nice.

    To maintain a nicely manicured edge it will need to be attended to a few times a year with your other gardening services.


    Applying Mulch to Garden

    Applying mulch, we will order the mulch ourselves from the better gardening centers depending on what type you want: Black cedar, natural cedar, or try Hemlock for a unique look.

    I prefer to not use the mulch that is made from old skids and waste builder wood that is stained with a black or red solution. Hard to get it off our clothing and hands and your driveway. God know what the stuff is doing to our lungs.

    We can also apply 4 or 5 yards of small natural pinewood chips that is perfect for a children’s play area, or cleaning up under a wooded area. Some of the lesser expensive bright red and black ‘mulch’ is made from old skids and other garbage wood, and I find it looks cheap as well.

    You should be applying the mulch at least 3 inches thick when first applied. Any less and you will still have weeds coming thru. The 3 inches applied will usually get compressed with rain and time to an inch or so thick on your garden.

    You will still have some sporadic taller weeds after a while but for the most part they become manageable. Still have to reapply the mulch every year however. My wife wonders where it all goes? I suppose it decomposes and gets cut up with the lawnmower. You will not have to reapply 3 inches worth every year, but it does need to be topped up annually.

    I have seen people applying mulch on their flower beds very lightly and it has accomplished nothing. The homewoner is convinced that mulch does not work, so will ask to have it removed. It only works if applied heavily 3 inches thick then it gets packed down by the rain. Costly but worth it. I will not apply it thinly is asked in order to save money.

    Putting mulch on a garden bed creates the most amassing look, and is the one of many tasks our gardening services will do that just works.

    Cost of Applying Mulch to Your Garden

    I purchase our mulch from Islington Nurseries and Van Beeks Garden Supplies. Both have quality natural products at reasonable prices. They each have different products which is why I use both. Delivery charges is usually approx $80. Cost per yard is approx $68/yd. You can usually get 12 wheel barrels per yard. Van Beeks Garden Supplies has better service but Islington Nurseries has a black cedar mulch and a natural cedar mulch that is very nice. Then there is the labour charge. It takes 2 workers approx 1.5 hours to distribute each yard and have it looking nice in the garden area. Our gardening service will arrange to have it dropped on your driveway onto a tarp and then have it distributed to your garden that day. It will be gone from the driveway that same day and we will have the driveway looking cleaner that before. If you chose to drop it on a tarp on your driveway do not worry about rain. mulch is actually easier to shovel when wet.

    If you only need a few bags of mulch, Canadian Tire have a great natural cedar mulch in large bags for $7.95. My wife and I use this to top up our own gardens every year.

    Perennial Planting and Maintenance

    If you are having trouble keeping all your lawn looking good replace it with perennials, ground cover and walking stones. They may take a little time and money to establish but for the most part they are maintenance free after they have matured.


    Most perennial get cut down in the fall except for my favorite Periwinkle which needs no attention and can be stomped all over in the fall when you are getting rid of your leaves.

    Hostas have to be my favorite. They grow easily and there are so many different colors and sizes. (I have over 15 different kinds on my property) In the fall you just cut them out. They also need little water and they grow well in the shade and can be transplanted at any time. Many varieties have difficulty growing in the sun.
    Actually it takes a very special type to grow well in the sunlight, that is possibly their negative trait that they do not grow well in sunlight.


    Stone Flower Box

    We can help plan, create and purchase all that is needed for a stone planter to go around your tree that you never seem to be able to grow grass around. Fill it with soil and either periwinkle or hostas as they grow well under a tree with little water. This may cost a little up front for the gardening service but it then become a focal point and no longer require the work you had trying to grow lawn. Will look great and no work.

    Small stone flower box

    We can recommend certain shrubs, perennials and annuals that might be suitable, as we have some dependable easy maintenance favorites. Annuals can be used to fill in the areas while the perennials and shrubs grow into their new areas.


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    Removing Dead Shrubs and Small Trees

    Removing shrubs or a small tree under 15 ft including the root ball, we will make every effort to pull it all out instead of grinding it down. It is also common to leave it, but with a little effort we can usually get the root ball out


    We offer early spring transplanting but no guarantees, sometimes it is better to just buy a new shrub, but done early enough should be fine. We may recommend not doing any past beginning May. Hostas can be moved anytime.

    Old Wood/Stuff to The Dump

    If you have a yard that requires lots of work to cleanup and may require a few loads being taken to the dump we can help with that as well. You Maybe thinking of selling (or not) but, the less junk you have lying around the better. You will be amazed at your yard when we are done!

    Great Wood Chopping machine

    Great Wood Chopping machine



    Garden Weeding Service

    If your garden is very large and has not been weeded for some time it can be a real challenge. Had you been keeping up with the garden weeding you might have it under control. If not, then even a small area will be time consuming, and as you may well know, most all the weeds will be back. It takes repetitive hard work to get your garden under control.

    Best Weeding trowel for digging up weeds

    Best weeding trowel we have found for digging up weeds with roots from ‘Gardena’



    It may not always be a gardening service job or challenge that we wish to take on. It is a tiresome job, difficult to motivate even the best of workers and quite frankly I feel terribly guilty assigning someone this job. A good worker will be bored, angry and want to quit. Poor workers will be no good, they are too slow, on their phone all day, and we will both want to fire them.

    Remember no one likes picking weeds any more than you do. We do not have many illegal migrant workers here in Canada or any ‘Dalits’ that will do a good job for minimum wage and still show up for work the next day. Many people assume that since we are gardeners we should be more than anxious to take on their 12 hour weeding job. No, I’m Sorry.


    Our Garden Weeding Stipulations

    If your garden weeding involves incorporating it with many of our other gardening services and if it is only a small percentage of the work required than we would be happy to help you get it cleaned up.

    We will not take on any job that requires mostly weeding! Most gardens will need to be maintained 2-4 times a year to be manageable. If there are lots of bare dirt spaces. My suggestion is to get rid of as many bare areas in your garden as possible. Mulch works great if applied heavily and maintained yearly. People that say that mulch does not work have not applied it heavily enough to their garden. I have seen 1st hand gardens with very little mulch and those gardens with lots.

    You may also may want to try applying a ground cover. Hostas and decorative rocks will help take up some space between your perennials and shrubs as well. Changing things up is what I would advise if your weeds are plentiful and your spare time is not. If your garden does not look good year after year, then the status quo is not working!

    But any solution will cost money and take up someone’s time. There are no quick or magical remedies and we do not offer any.


    Landscape Staging Services

    Our Landscape Staging Service rates are very competitive, but we also do a great job and charge accordingly. Over the years many of our customers have told us that good gardeners are not easy to find. We are good gardeners and have all the proper equipment and tools. We have learned how to plan a job so that we can complete it in good time successfully.


    Unless a flat rate for your Landscape Staging Service has been agreed to, we also offer an hourly rate. We can discuss both rates with you.

    If we are charging you by the hour, within 5 – 10 minutes after arriving at your house the hourly charge clock starts, I am sure you understand that I cannot afford to have my workers standing around while we chat and design yard garden projects for 45 minutes. However, I am only too happy to discuss all the gardening plans and projects you would like us to complete, but hourly charges will apply.

    We will have most likely discussed most of the gardening jobs you would like us to do when we get to your home, so we can be working on your garden shortly after arriving.

    Either way our customers are always happy with the results. I have stayed in the landscaping business not for the money (God Forbid) but for the satisfaction I get with what we can achieve and create with our work.


    We will not show up and waste time at your home, we are always busy with customers waiting on our gardening service and have no time to waste! So find all your gardening work to keep us busy


    What has your Landscape Contractor Missed?

    The landscape construction crews that you see working in your neighbourhood moving decorative stones, pavers and dirt around very seldom have taken the time to consider what the plants, trees and shrubs they are planting are going to look like in 5 or 10 years time. They have not considered the environment they are planting in, or how close everything is to the fences and house. After all, they are construction workers, not gardeners. Their stone work looks great! Everything else looked great and manageable on the initial design plan, as well as the first week it was all planted. Did they give the homeowner a 5 or 10 year overview of the yard as well.

    5 years down the road the customer is wondering what went wrong? My answer: At least consult a knowledgeable gardener that will take into consideration your property and the growth expectancy of all the landscape items. We can give you an idea what everything will look like when mature. Let the construction workers do the stonework. You may ever save a few thousand dollars.

    Landscape Staging Service requires knowledge, experience, a vision and courage to have experimented with ideas and witnessed the results. We have witnessed!