Fence Post Fix

We replace broken fence posts as well as repair fencing for communities in Southern Mississauga:

Mineola, Lorne Park, Port Credit, Applewood, Lakeview, Cooksville, Clarkson


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Will You Need a New Fence

We are Mississauga fence post repairs, we will determine if you actually need a new fence or just some new posts. The posts are usually the first things to falter. We are always very busy and are not looking for any “make work projects” so you will get our honest thoughts. However some customers will simply say “I want a new fence”, so we build a well build new new fence.

For most fence repairs homeowners simply need the fence posts replaced and the board sections reattached. We will use new steel brackets to hold the sections secure.

Gates are the next things that will usually falter with a fence because of the land shifting the fence posts over time. If the Gate hinges were not installed properly or if the hinge screws come loose this can cause the fence to not shut properly. Most gates just need a few adjustments or new hardware to have them closing properly again. We see many of these issues and will usually know how to make it right for you. You may possibly simply need more functional hardware for the gate to work. Possibly even shaving some wood off the gate will help if it is the post that has moved over time.
We have seen it all at one time or another, and will advise a cost effective solution that looks good and functions well.

Remember that too low a quote may result in many corners being cut which will not be evident until a few years have past. The inexpensive contractor will be gone, you are left with the falling mess.

Steps Prior to Building The Fence

If you are building a new fence then choosing a design is something to look into. We have a variety to choose from on our website. There will be an anticipation of costs: what is the least you may have to pay becomes the main point.
The most difficult step we have discovered is getting together with the neighbours. We have these discussions before with neighbours and sometimes are able to get things cohesive as any broker would do. Co-ordinating with neighbours on all sides of your fence to discuss possible cost sharing will determine the success of the fence in the long run.

Styles of fencing and types of materials you will be using:

Examples being Aluminum, Composite wood, Chain Link, Wrought Iron, Pressure Treated Wood or Cedar.


Determining all property lot lines by getting out everyone’s surveys involved in sharing the fence to avoid futures issues or having to move your fence in the future.


Getting all locates done by Ontario One Call in a timely manner for everyones safety and to save you thousands of dollars should something terrible happen. The lines get spray painted `to ensure the contractor is able to see them.

We Offer a Temporary Fence Fix

If your fence has fallen over and you are concerned that your dog or child may be in danger. We can drop over and give you a temporary fix until such time that we are able to go over and do the complete repair. We should be able to give you a price for the complete fence repair while I am there doing the fast fix repair.

I will not normally charge for the repair because the people know of us or have heard of our work. Most cases we usually do the complete fence repair job for the customer. If you are considering another company to do the repair work the charge will be a reasonable $60 – $80.

If you need us we can be there for you! That is how we roll. We try to give great service and we care about our customers.

Fence Post Replacement

Fence Post are the one thing that tend to be the problem for most people’s fence. They hold up the weight of the fence and are exposed to the damp earth, then the dampened frozen ground heaving during the winter months. The fence also takes lots of wind with the posts holding it up.

Posts are planted or installed many ways. Here is a list of how many people plant or install posts
1- Dig 3 feet down into the dirt and plant the post filling the areas with dirt
2- Will do same as above but cover the bottom of the hole with a few inches of gravel.
3- Some will put in a small amount of concrete and leave dirt around the top of the post – in order to save on concrete and the feeling it looks nicer.
4- Digging hole 3 – 4 feet filling a small sonotube with moisture resistant concrete and 1 inches above the soil. (Our Way)

New 6×6″ fence posts using old sections

The main problem with most post planting methods is that the post sits in dirt that is wet for years and eventually rots and falls over during a big wind storm.
What happens is water gets absorbed into the wood and if the ground never dry out the post eventually will rot and break.
Even with different types of concrete added the wood will shrink and expand all the while water will get into the cracks.
Concrete absorbs moisture as well so that many wood post only last 15 years or so even with the best of methods if the areas never gets a chance to dry out. very often.


Types of Fencing Materials

Pressure treated wood has become the most popular material used for fence posts. However there is a new product in the market made of galvanized steel, that will go into the same concrete footing but may last longer than the wood posts. Ask us about these great metal posts.

Dealing with Obstacles on your Lot Line

In established neighbourhoods, trees, rocks and roots become a big obstacle.

If all care is abandoned, meaning the tree roots get cut, the fence will be installed and the tree may die.

With old 18 inch diameter tree stumps protruding from the ground by 12 inches or more. Best to have them removed with a stump remover at a cost of $400 or so.

large roots from beautiful trees. This becomes a touchy subject, nowadays people care little about their environments and more about themselves, having expensive toys and esthetics. So most times the thought process is the hell with the tree. I want my nice fence to be symmetrical.

Large Rocks, if a post can be placed down a few feet from the boulder then that may be best.

Fence posts do not all have to be installed at a six foot width. In established older treed areas working with the land seems to make good sense.
Trees on the lot line – Fences can be built around trees but thought should be put in to ensure room is allowed for future growth of the tree.


Mississauga Fence Building code & Permits

Maximum height for a fence in Mississauga is 6 feet 7 inches. However there are restrictions to this in certain locations.
A privacy however screen can be 9 feet 10 inches high but it has to be 49 inches, that’s 4 feet from the lot line side or rear. must be 14 feet 10 inches if in the front. Many a person may say differently. So if you were putting one beside your deck or pool area.

Responsibilities of Sharing a Lot Line Fence

Municipalities have rules to govern these issues and Mississauga is no different.