Wooden Wheelchair Access Ramps

Building wooden wheelchair ramps follow many of the same principles as building a deck. Should be secure properly with concrete post footings, and supported with same pressure treated wood joists and decking boards.
Mississauga building code follow the same rules as the Ontario Building Codes.

  • Inclines for most all wheelchair ramps is 1 inch of incline per 1 foot of ramp. For a smaller person possibly having it be 1 inch per 18 or so inches will give a much more gradual slope.
  • And in some cases it can be less than 1 inch per 1 foot ramp. But only for electric wheelchairs to maneuver.
  • The lengths of the ramps must be no longer than 20 feet before there is a 6 foot square landing area.
  • Railing of course will be determined by the size and requirements of the ramp user.
  • There are of course codes required from Mississauga for building a wooden wheelchair ramp

The ramps themselves can differ in style with where they are positioned at the house entrance.
For a less permanent solution to requiring the ramp, a portable metal ramp may be better. If an elderly person is coming home from the hospital after suffering a fall there may be plans to relocate the ramp user.